Casey Grammar School - Junior School - STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)builds students’ confidence and competencies in solving design, computational and relatable problems with the underlying value of creating rather than consuming.

The Engineering Design Model forms the basis of all STEM tasks and includes:

  • Define the Problem
  • Plan Solutions
  • Make a Model
  • Test the Model
  • Reflect & Redesign

Student’s access devices such as iPads, Think Pads, robots, electronics and construction materials with the intention of problem solving in creative, curious, imaginative and collaborative ways.

We introduce our students to computational thinking, empowering them to recognise problems and empowering them with the confidence to solve these problems in creative and unique ways.

Ultimately, our aim is to equip students with knowledge of the tools and resources available to them that can best assist them with independent futuristic learning.

Junior School Learning Areas