Casey Grammar School - Languages

In Junior School French at Casey Grammar, we use AIM methodology to foster a sense of fun and enjoyment in the French class.

Students enjoy acting out various actions as they learn new words such as ‘run’, ‘jump’, ‘walk’. AIM is a gesture-based method of language learning which uses high-frequency vocabulary, introduced with gestures and contextualised in stories, to achieve maximum fluency in a short time.

Each new word is associated with a gesture, ensuring that visual, aural and kinesthetic learners are included as well as ensuring maximum retention of vocabulary.

During each class, as much French as possible is spoken by both teacher and students. All spoken French is supported by gestures and context and English is used where necessary to support student learning. Students will also be supported by a Google Classroom for French.

Videos for vocabulary and gesture practice will be regularly uploaded.

All students will receive an invitation to the Google Classroom via their Casey Grammar School email account. Students participate in a variety of activities including singing, acting, physical movements as well as more traditional activities.

Benefits of Language Learning

  • Enriches our learners intellectually, educationally and culturally
  • Enables our learners to communicate across cultures
  • Contributes to social cohesiveness through better communication and understanding
  • Further develops the existing linguistic and cultural resources in our community
  • Contributes to our strategic, economic and international development
  • Enhances employment and career prospects for the individual (MCEETYA 2005, p. 2)

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