Casey Grammar School - VCE Studies

VCE Studies

The VCE program extends over 2 years (4 semesters) and contains 4 units. Unit 1 & 2 are usually completed in Year 11 and units 3 & 4 are usually completed in Year 12.
Each unit per semester comprises of:

  • 50-60 hours in class
  • 30 hours of structured homework
  • 20-30 hours of independent study (revision)

At Casey Grammar School we expect students to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 22 units. They should:

  • Have 3 sequential units from the English group
  • Complete 6 units per semester in Year 11
  • Complete 5 units per semester in Year 12


The pathways model is a list of courses based on subjects, which together will provide pathways to tertiary studies, University & TAFE and employment areas. Students are however free to pick any subjects of their own choice from each block as per the VCE Blocking Sheet.

It is important to be mindful of any prerequisites that tertiary institutions may require and refer to VICTER 2016 when making selections.