Science Centre

Casey Grammar School - Science Centre

Science at Casey Grammar ensures science is accessible and enjoyable for all students. Our Science facilities at Casey Grammar have been designed and dedicated to accommodate the specific learning needs of all students and reflect our position as a school of the 21st century.

Age-Specific Labs And Learning Areas

Features include General Science laboratories that are flexible and able to accommodate a variety of disciplines as well as purpose built VCE science-specific laboratories (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology).

Our laboratories and learning spaces have been architecturally designed to provide students with the best educational experience possible.

With classroom tables, chairs and workbenches at the right height and surrounds appropriate to children ranging from Years 7 to 12, we ensure students remain engaged with this discipline throughout their time at Casey Grammar.

There are also informal learning areas and quiet study zones, all of which are aimed at encouraging students to explore and engage with contemporary technology to develop their own ideas and projects.

The Science Learning Centre also includes a science meeting room for conferences and landscaped outdoor areas used for practical activities. Our outdoor facilities include a purpose-built horticultural area with wicking beds and vertical vegetable gardens.

Embedded Technology

Each classroom contains state-of-the-art technology such as interactive whiteboards and wireless technology for students to complete experimental and theoretical work using the available data logging equipment, iPads and laptops.

To support their projects students make use of media, design and technology hubs along with 3D printers and robotics resources. The technology available aims to support the learning intentions of each lesson.


Research shows that children are likely to improve their critical thinking and learning skills through hands-on projects.

Here at Casey Grammar STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is integrated into the year 7 to 10 General Science curriculum as well as being offered as a co-curricular activity. Whether it be on or off-campus, the purpose of STEM is to give students problem-solving, teamwork and creative skills they will need for the future.

Science Extension

At Casey Grammar, we aim to engage and extend learning. Students can pursue their inquisitive nature of science by choosing to study a Science Extension elective at years 9 and 10 (pre-VCE science targeted elective).

Year 10 students also have the opportunity to enrol in a Unit 1/2 VCE science course. All Casey Grammar students are encouraged to participate in national and international science competitions such as:

  • Science Talent Search
  • Sleek Geek Science Eureka Prize
  • Science Olympiads
  • STEM Design Challenge
  • ANCQ
  • Big Science Competition
  • Brain Bee Challenge
  • NSTO Big Ideas Forum
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize