Casey Grammar School - Health Information

Health Information

  • The care provided is limited to First Aid. Parents will be notified if students need to be collected from school for further care or follow-up.
  • Medications for Asthma, Allergy, Hayfever and Anaphylaxis are to be supplied at the start of each school year or term with supporting paperwork.

Administration of Medication

  • Medications will only be administered when written on Medication Authority Form. Phone permission can be obtained, from the parent, for a one-off order.
  • With the exception of asthma relievers,all medication should be stored in the medical centre. Students should not keep medication on themselves.

Health Management Plans

All plans ie, Anaphylaxis, Allergy, Asthma, Epilepsy and Diabetic must be reviewed and updated annually by your Doctor. You can download the forms via the attachments below, or you can obtain one from the school office.

Immunization Information

Please note all cards need to be returned even if you are opting out. As of 2019, Year 7 students will receive HVP 2 doses and Boostrix. Year 10 will receive Meningococcal W.

The 2023 Vaccination dates are as follows:

Year 7

  • Wednesday, 8 March ( HPV and Diptheria/tetanus /whooping cough)
  • Wednesday, 13 September (HPV Second Dose)

Year 10

  • Wednesday, 8 March ( Meningococcal ACWY )

All consent cards need to be returned. You need to either consent to your child receiving the vaccination by marking ‘YES’ on the consent card or refuse by marking ‘NO’ on the consent card. If your child is away on the day of the immunisation, you will receive a letter from Casey Council requesting you attend a date for the missed injection.

Parents and guardians are not required to attend with their children on immunisation day.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should ring the school nurse at Ph. 59910818 or your immunisation provider at Ph 97055515.