Stronger Together

On Monday last week I had the privilege of attending a leadership conference with eight of our Year 11 students run by Ecumenical School Australia (ESA).

Although it is listed at the end of Casey Grammar's letterhead, many of our families may not be aware of the fact that Casey Grammar is part of a broader network of schools that includes 17 Member schools and four Associate Member schools from all across Australia.

This is such an incredible resource for our school as it provides network opportunities for individuals in certain positions in the school as well as chances for our students to meet like-minded students from other schools.

It was a wonderful sight to see over 170 students from various schools all seated at tables in the Exhibition Centre talking about leadership. Many of these schools were started with the assistance of Reverend John Leaver (after whom our Leaver House is named). In fact, if you visit many of these schools, you will also find other Leaver Houses!

As an Anglican Minister, he had a passion for ensuring that families all across the state had access to an education based on Christian values and foundations. We owe so much of our wonderful school to his tireless commitment. Earlier this year, our School Captain, Ryan also had the opportunity to meet other Leaver Award winners as part of an all-day opportunity to celebrate various students who had contributed in a meaningful way to their communities.

So, next time you receive a letter from the school that acknowledges our membership, hopefully it will give you a greater sense of appreciation for what that provides for our school, and for our students.

Monique Riviere-Pendle - School Chaplain