Casey Grammar School - Junior School - Maths

At Casey Grammar School, Mathematics lessons are aligned with the Victorian curriculum and are organised around the three content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. CGS staff analyze data and plan collaboratively to ensure Mathematics lessons are authentic and specific to the students at our school.

Our Mathematics lessons include:

  • Open ended questions where children are thinking, reasoning and communicating
  • Development of childrens’ number sense and understanding of number concepts and operations
  • Hands on materials and technology to support children in their learning
  • Supporting and enriching student learning
  • Opportunities for children to talk about their learning during activities
  • Reflection time for students to discuss their learning through sharing and reflecting at the conclusion of each lesson
  • Linking Mathematics to real life experiences and investigations
  • Creative, fun and real world challenges
  • Ongoing assessment to inform our teaching and plan for individual student needs

It is our aim that through our Mathematics program, we will provide students with access to important mathematical ideas, knowledge and skills that will set them up for the future in both their personal and work lives.

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