In the Garden

Casey Grammar School - Junior School - In The Garden

In the Casey Grammar school vegetable gardens, children are learning to grow more than just plants. They are learning firsthand the connection between nature, their food supply and the pollinators and other living creatures our school garden attracts and provides for.

This connectedness to nature fosters respect for the environment and develops a deep understanding of food from garden to plate. The garden has a small orchard; wicking garden beds to grow herbs, leafy greens, strawberries as well as traditional garden beds where wide ranges of vegetables are grown.

The garden also has a hothouse and a greenhouse where students propagate plants from cuttings and sow seeds to create seedlings to then plant out into the garden. Students get to see the life cycle of not only plants but also the insects that make the garden their home.

Students are also encouraged to think about recycling. We have large composting bays to recycle paper, cardboard, autumn leaves, lunch scraps, grass clippings and more.

This compost is nutrient-rich and added to garden beds to give the soil a boost. Rainwater harvested from the nearby science building supplies the garden with all its water.

Students learn about seasonality with summer crops of corn, sunflowers, pumpkins, tomatoes, basil and leafy greens while winter sees the garden full of cauliflower, cabbages, onions and radishes.

Scattered throughout these gardens are many creative Artistic sculptures made by the students of CGS.

The smaller vegetable gardens can be found outside the Prep classrooms, these are scattered amongst the play area and offer students an opportunity to observe daily the lifecycles in nature. These gardens also give students access to an environment they are responsible for, caring for and nurturing. The gardens provide an opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom.

They promote hands-on learning and problem-solving opportunities while increasing environmental awareness. Our gardens are attractive outdoor spaces where lots of valuable learning takes place.

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