Casey Grammar School - Junior School - Digitech

In Digital Technologies students develop their skills in three areas: digital literacy, typing skills and coding.

Beginning with games to develop their mouse skills, students learn to log on and navigate a computer. They learn how to access a variety of online programs to support their classroom learning and express themselves through media art programs. In the Early Years, students use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to present ideas and learn, moving to Google Apps in Year 3.

Cybersafety and digital footprints are regular conversations as students learn about being responsible digital citizens. Students learn how computers function, beginning with basic hardware functions and moving to binary code.

Typing progresses from key location games in Year 1 to learn about the home row in Year 2. The Upper Years classes regularly engage in touch typing practice.

Students are exposed to a variety of coding platforms to develop programming, problem-solving and design skills. Students begin programming with Blockly, a drag-and-drop programming language, to engage with sequential commands, repeating sequences and debugging.

In the Upper Years, students begin to experiment with more complex coding concepts such as conditionals, nested loops and functions. In Year 6, students begin to explore HTML and are given the opportunity to learn about Python.

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