Junior School Athletics

Recently, 46 students from years 3–6 competed in the District Athletics competition at Casey Fields.

Casey Grammar students performed exceptionally well in the track and field events, against tough competition from the six other schools within our district. A number of students placed 1st or 2nd in their events and will be heading through to Divisional Athletics, a fantastic achievement:

  • Ella B – 2nd Shot Put
  • Ruby H –1st Discus
  • Olivia C – 2nd Long Jump
  • Vrinda S – 1st Long Jump and 1st 200 metres
  • Xander O – 2nd Triple Jump
  • Arianna J – 2nd Triple Jump
  • Jacob D – 1st Triple Jump and 2nd 100 metres
  • Zara M – 2nd 200 metres and 1st 800 metres
  • Kobi M – 2nd 800 metres
  • 10 Girls Relay Team – 2nd
  • Zara M, Pranshi R, Erlyn S, Alannah B
  • 11 Girls Relay Team – 2nd
  • Vrinda S, Enaksha R, Ella B, Eva S

We would also like to acknowledge a sensational act of sportsmanship displayed by two of our Year 6 students. Darcy V was 200 metres from the finish line in his 800 metre race, when he noticed a student from another school behind him was limping and in visible pain. Without hesitation, Darcy stopped his race, turned and ran back to the student, and helped to carry him the remaining 200 metres to the finish line.

Not long after, Kobi M also took to the track to support the student on the other side, as the boys helped the student hobble across the finish line, to the standing ovation of the students, teachers and parents in the stands. Congratulations to these two students on this brilliant act of sportsmanship — you have done Casey Grammar proud.