World Scout Day - August 1

Year 6 students Mackenzie and Alisha are Chief Scout Ambassadors appointed by their leaders and peers. Their role is to lead ‘scarfing up’ of community ambassadors, supported by other youth members of scouting. Chief Scout Ambassadors receive a blue ambassador scarf. The girls were very excited to present at the Junior School Assembly on Thursday to Scarf up Principal Mr Richard Baird and Head of Junior School Mrs Melissa Roberton making them honorary Scouts.

Casey Grammar currently has approximately 17 students in scouting from Year 1 - Year 11. In 2018 Scouting undertook a resilience survey by Resilient Youth Australia and found that even our youngest Scouts felt more secure in their local community, more confident and in control of their future, and tested as more resilient than others of their age.

Around the world Scouts and their leaders wear their scarves to mark the anniversary of the first Scout camp, 112 years ago. Since that first camp, Scouting has survived world wars, recessions and the current age of technology and are still going strong through the cyber revolution. Like our students who are fortunate enough to be Scouts, as Scouting ages, it learns from all of it's experiences, good and bad. A Scout takes those practical, hands-on experiences and applies and adapts them to their world. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be here today.

You can find out more about the scouting movement at

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