Year 7 Camp

It’s always an incredibly busy start to the school year, especially for the Year 7’s. It is also a time of great change for most, particularly those who are new to Casey Grammar. And to make things even more hectic, we headed off to our Orientation Camp in Week 2. Going on camp provides an opportunity for students to form new friendships, to develop skills in teamwork, to sometimes step outside one’s ‘comfort zone’, and to feel a true sense of connectedness to and within the CGS community.

Students from Year 7 have been asked to reflect on their camp experience. Below are some of their responses:

How were you feeling about going on camp before we left?
- I was very excited but nervous to find out who was in my cabin.
- I was feeling very happy and excited because I knew I was going to meet some new friends and I knew I was going to experience awesomeactivities.

Which activities did you enjoy the most at Rawson?
- I enjoyed the Initiatives activity because we all had to work as a team to complete the activities. It taught me the importance of communication.
- I enjoyed the commando course the most at camp Rawson because I was good and I had many advantages due to my height, proving that being short has its advantages.
- I enjoyed the canoeing because I'd never done it before and it was a great new experience, and I really appreciated Mrs Riviere-Pendle teaching me how to canoe very well.

Did you like the meals?
- I enjoyed most of the meals (especially the fish and chips)
- The meals were better than my dad's cooking, and that is saying something.
- Oh, I loved it. It was a change for me being from another country; it was like I was trying a foreign food.
- They were alright. They could've done a bit better, but it is hard cooking for 100 people three times a day.

How did you feel about the Year 9 leaders and the teachers that were working with you?
- I loved my leader, and all the teachers were extremely supportive when I was doing things like riding up a steep hill and climbing the rock climbing wall.
- Mine was Alexia. She was basically like my older sister helping me with everything and asking whether I was ok all the time to make sure I was feeling alright

Do you think you made new friends?
- I was a bit worried about not making friends before we left for camp, but when we came back, I had felt like I had befriended the whole school. I havefound people who have similar interests with me.

Are you pleased with your achievements? Explain your answer. What did you learn about yourself?
- One of my achievements was going on the high ropes and rock climbing because I don’t really like heights, but it was really fun.
- I learnt that I could do rock climbing blindfolded

Which memories of camp will stay with you the longest?
- Me at the rock climbing wall and the disco. And the yummy cake. :)
- Shooting a bullseye in archery and making new and amazing friends.
- The Disco. Madame Morgan singing. The activities. The skits.