SMR Athletics

The SMR Athletics Carnival was held yesterday at Casey Fields where a number of Casey Grammar students competed against other schools in a range of events. Overall Casey Grammar managed to finish 13th out of 60 schools - a fantastic effort all round by the students representing our school.

SMR Athletics Results
4 x 100m Relay Anastasia Weller - 3rd Girls 14
Paige Batson - 3rd Girls 14
Chloe Goddard - 3rd Girls 14
Nikita Ryder - 3rd Girls 14
100m Hurdles Aiden Salini Kettle - 1st Boys 15 (New Record)
Emily Pozman - 2nd Girls 18-20
100m Aiden Salini Kettle - 3rd Boys 15
Anastasia Weller - 3rd Girls 14
200m Anastasia Weller - 2nd Girls 14
High Jump Madeline Haugh - 2nd Girls 18-20
Discus Johan Carreon - 3rd Boys 13
Javelin Olivia Antonello - 2nd Girls 15
Fatma Abdelrahim - 3rd Girls 13