Science Week

Last week, the Senior School participated in Science Week. Each day the Science dept. focused on a different subject and students were invited in each lunchtime to participate in different practical activities.

Monday: Physics
Activities – PASCO rollercoaster to investigate the conservation of energy; the Van Der Graaf generator to experiment with static electricity; electrical skill tester to investigate the concept of current; investigate how an electric motor works; and trebuchet to investigate projectile motion

Tuesday: STEM challenge
Activity – engineering and construction challenge to create the tallest and strongest structure made from spaghetti and marshmallows.

Wednesday: Biology
Activities – modelling DNA using candy; simulated dissections of rats, frogs and fish; investigating osmosis using Gummy Bears; observing a sheep’s lung and creating lung models; viewing cell’s with the senior Biology microscopes and making cell creations.

Thursday: Psychology
Activities – brain mapping; investigating taste; testing for super-tasters; the science behind visual illusions.

Friday: Chemistry
Activities – investigating sublimation with dry ice and flash freezing with liquid nitrogen; making sherbet to demonstrate acid carbonate reactions; investigating density with marshmallows.

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