Excitement filled the air as we boarded the bus for Melbourne University. We had our largest ever CGS RoboCup team on board, with students ranging from Year 5 to 8 and for the fifth year in a row, we were ready to battle other schools at Victorian State Championships.

Four RoboDance teams were programmed, dressed to impress and choreographed with all the right moves, ready to put on a show. Eight RoboSoccer teams had their goal keepers ready to guard the goals using their calibrated light sensors and their soccer
players programmed with infrared sensors ready to chase the ball down and guide it into the goals. For the first time, we had six teams competing in the RoboRescue section. These robots used two light sensors to detect and stay on a black line, which could be straight, winding or bumpy; it was all about the speed of the robots and the positioning of the sensors, as much as it was about the programming of them. Once this section of the course was complete, they had to use an ultrasonic sensor to detect an object and remove it from danger.

With two RoboSoccer teams making it to the finals and Brendon finishing 4th in the RoboRescue, we had some very pleasing results. We were so proud of everyone who competed on the day as it is as much about the learning in the lead up to the competition as it is about how they perform on the day.
As a way of celebrating, the students enjoyed a RoboExpo lunchtime in the library, showcasing their work and enjoying an in-school competition with a lively audience cheering them on.

Sandra Torcasio