R.E Excursion

As part of their World Religions unit the Year 7 Religious Education classes went on an excursion to two different places of worship; St. Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne and the Yun Yang Temple in Narre Warren.

Students began the day by completing alternating activities outside in the Gardens of the Cathedral and inside the Cathedral itself, locating different features of the architecture and understanding a little more about some of the key figures in the history of the Church. The students were impressed by the size of the Cathedral as they entered and enjoyed finding different features, including the Aboriginal Message Stick, the Organ and the various Chapels. We then returned to the bus to visit the Buddhist temple in Narre Warren, located on a large property with beautiful gardens where we enjoyed lunch together. Andrew met us and guided us through the temple and into the Meditation Room where students were guided through a meditation before returning to school.

It was a wonderful way explore important places in these two religious traditions.