Quality Learning Program

On Tuesday 29th August, the students in the Quality Learning Program traveled into the city for the day. We first went into an Escape Room to work on our teamwork, communication and thinking skills.

We could choose between Room 13 (A haunted hotel), Safari Jungle (Treasure hunt), The Gallery (Art gallery) and The Mummy Returns (tomb of an ancient Pharaoh).
I chose Room 13, along with 5 other students. We were given 3 torches and had 45 minutes to escape the haunted hotel. We had to solve the code to escape the elevator. The room was in darkness and we could hear suspenseful music coming from the next room.
The next room was a long winding hallway with creepy paintings and an old bookshelf. We had look for clues to continue on our way out. Finally, we found a key, which lead us to the last room, Room 13.

Inside the room was an old bed, a mirror, a locked cabinet, a safe and a TV. We discovered that there was newspaper clippings and blood on the mirror. We finally opened the safe and found a USB. When we plugged it into the TV a short video came up. It was horrifying and had secret codes hidden throughout it. After cracking the code, we unlocked the cabinet and found a pile of drawings from little children. When they were paired up with the newspaper clippings they created a code to unlock the exit door to escape.

We all had a ton of fun escaping the different rooms that turned out to be fairly good brain teasers that really needed cooperation and teamwork.
After having lunch, we met up at ACMI, which stands for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square. We got to look at the history of film making and old video and arcade games. Then we got to see the VR Lounge and many different attractions to do with moving images and filming.
After a fun filled day, we piled onto the bus and drove back to school.

Samantha R - Yr 8 Student Leader & QL Program Team member