Harmony Week

Whilst some schools and organisations decide to participate in Harmony Day, Casey Grammar School decided this just wouldn’t be enough time for all the ways we wanted to celebrate diversity in our community – after all, we are an extremely multicultural school!
There were various events throughout the week intended to help us be more aware of the gift of culture that we have around us. Highlights included cultural lunches for Year 3-Year 12, lunchtime performances for both the Junior School and Secondary school where students shared their culture through dance, drama and song, a cultural dress-up day and an after school movie night and family BBQ. Not only was the purpose to celebrate our diversity but also to raise money for UNICEF to put towards a water pump that will help bring change in a community that has limited access to water.
The Social Justice Group under the leadership of Social Justice and Community Captain Shaylah Portelli-Moore worked together to help bring about the week’s activities. It is with great pride that we can announce that together we have raised $1,800, money is greatly appreciated. Grateful thanks to each of the staff and students who participated in so many ways. It really was a whole school team effort.