Divisional Swimming 2017

On Thursday the 9th of March 47 students went to Noble Park Aquatic Centre to compete in Division Swimming. All 47 students competed to the best of their ability and swam hard to win points for our school. All students made our school proud with the efforts they displayed with very successful results. We ended the day finishing a very close 2nd with 683 points. As well as winning individuals and relay teams winning medals, we also won 4 age groups champion flags for our school which consist of Boys Aggregate, Intermediate Boys, Intermediate Girls and Junior Boys. Winners on the day included……

Students Events Times
Juna Gemmall Girls 12-13 Breaststroke 50m
Girls 12-15 Freestyle 100m
48.16 sec
1 min 30.63 sec
Lachlan Tumino Boys 16 Breaststroke 50m
Boys 16 Freestyle 50m
40.39 sec
30.5 sec
Seth Gunnawardane Boys 15 Butterfly 50m
Boys 12-15 Freestyle 100m
Boys 15 Freestyle 50m
Boys 15 Backstroke 50m
36.48 sec
1 min 6.32 sec
29.98 sec
35.40 sec
Nicholas Edwards Boys 15 Breaststroke 50m 47.15 sec
Jamie Wight Girls 14 Freestyle 50m 34.32 sec
Benjamin McMahon Boys 17 Freestyle 50m 31.54 sec
Shae Williams Girls 18-20 Backstroke 50m 42.56 sec
Zarah Akkari
Juna Gemmall
Melodie Mathews
Jamie Wight
12-14 Girls 4x50m Medley Relay 3 min 13.36 sec
Harrison Sedgewick
Nicholas Edwards
Lachlan Tumino
Nathan Basnett
15-16 boys 4x50m Medley Relay 2 min 42.69 sec
Bianca Orzoi
Racheal Stafford
Melodie Mathews
Juna Gemmall
12-13 Girls Freestyle Relay 4x50m 2 min 42.69 sec
Jamie Wise
Connor Finlayson
Zac Tumino
Seth Gunnawardane
Boys 14 Freestyle Relay 4x50m 2 min 19.83 sec
Maneesha Casey
JoJo Zheng
Mercedes Lynch
Maddison Randles
Girls 15 Freestyle Relay 4x50m 2 min 54.10 sec
Caleb Whittam
Nicholas Edwards
Rohan Pahwa
Nathan Basnett
Boys 15 Freestyle Relay 4x50m 2 min 37.95 sec
Benjamin McMahon
Bailey McCloskey
Kyle Provan
Ryan Curtin
Boys 18-20 Freestyle Relay
2 min 52.98 sec